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'Where the cicadas and tui sing' expand on techniques and inspiration first explored in the 'In the Waitākeres' series, to bring nature into your home in the form of tactile textile art. 

Swirls and ripples and blocks of colour are added to represent the ever changing and  unmutable nature of our surroundings whether you see mountains and valleys, rivers and pebbles or tree canopies.

Knotted by hand in a unique design, I hope my slow mindful art brings a tranqil warmth and joy to your decor. Marcia x

Where the cicadas and tui sing.

Where the cicadas and tui sing.

  • A one off piece.

    Hangs from foraged drift wood measuring 80cm wide

    Knotted width at widest point 64cm

    Total length 100cm

    Hand knotted from recycled cotton rope, and recycled cotton single twist.

    Is an asymeterical design and features an un-even hem.

    International shoppers please use contact menu so we can work out your shipping costs.

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