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Choose from 11 different design options of our unfinished wooden frames and add your creative flair with macrame.  Can be stained or painted.

Does not come with metal findings.

Wooden Earring Frames, Unfinished - 1 pair

  • Sold as a pair - your choice of 11 designs

    Made from laser cut plywood - unfinished.

    All pieces are 3mm thick

    Circle rainbow 45mm diameter

    Circle lotus 45mm diameter

    Half circle rainbow 45mm wide/28mm long

    Half circle petal 45mm wide/28mm long

    Half circle  45mm wide/33mm long

    Diamond 38mm wide/38mm long

    Diamond petal 45mm wide/45mm long

    Paw print 37mm wide/35mm long

    Moon phase 45mm wide/28mm long

    Rainbow arch 37mm wide/50mm long

    Citrus wedge 43mm wide/33mm long




    Please note: as these are unfinished laser cut plywood and a natural product there can be variences  in the grain and colour.



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