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Bee's Knees recycled cotton cord - I've called it the Bee's Knees because this is THE delux recycled cotton.

Smooth to work with, knots seamlessly and is incredibly lush and soft on your hands.

This recycled cotton string/single twist is made from the off-cuts of cotton, and surplus textile waste, to give you a sustainable choice.

Perfect for macrame makers and weavers.

Blended Recyled Cotton and Linen Single Twist -Green/Natural/Linen

  • A mix of greens, linen and natural.

    Blended Recycled cotton and Recycled Linen.

    Macrame cord, weaving cord.

    Single twist 4mm string.

    200m / 1kg 

    Wrapped on a cardboard spool.

    Made in Spain.

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